SMU is Getting Mileage Out of Used Mustangs

June Jones might not be a used car salesman, but he has proven he knows a thing or two about making used mustangs shine at SMU, It started with Garrett Gilbert. Gilbert transferred to SMU after a rocky starting career with the Texas Longhorns. He picked up the offense and became a team leader almost immediately. That was first surprise from the Longhorns.

Following Gilbert were both Traylon Shead, a former Longhorn tailback and also Thomas Ashcraft, an o-lineman for Mack Brown. Both players contacted Garrett prior to making the jump because they wanted to know what the program was like and if they would fit in. He gave them the thumbs up and suddenly you had three former Longhorn teammates suiting up together as SMU Mustangs. “It’s fun playing with those guys again,” Gilbert said. Coach Jones is excited too.

“The thing about those kids is they have been at the big games,” Jones said. “Thomas realizes this is his last year and has really worked hard. Garrett is what you’re looking for in a quarterback. And Traylon, I’m really anxious to see him play in games.”

All three of these former prospects that were unable to develop under UT's coach Brown now play large roles in developing the offense of SMU themselves. The SMU offense was ranked 92nd in the nation last year, but many believe this 3-pack of used Mustangs can turn that around.

Garrett Gilbert: Last season was solid, but not amazing. Coach June Jones has added the “Air Raid” guru, Hal Mumme, so expect big numbers from Gilbert.

Traylon Shead: At 6'2" and weighing 230 lbs, the Mustangs will be relying on the size of this former Longhorn to give SMU running power after losing Zach Line.

Thomas Ashcraft: A brick house. He's 6'5" and 305 lbs. Coach Jones has had issues on the o-line for a while. Parking this mobile home on the line should hold up some defenders.