David Beaty Talks Slow Starts and Getting KU On Track

Kansas football head coach David Beaty previewed the Jayhawks' week three game against Ohio in his weekly press conference on Tuesday.

DAVID BEATY: Good to see you guys.

Just to get started real quick, certainly disappointed with the result that we had the other day. Give those guys a lot of credit. Coach Bonamego, I said it I think last week, was going to have them ready and he did. They really improved greatly between week one and week two. I know that was probably a focus for them. I don't want to put words in their mouth, but I assume it was. They did it.

So it was good for us to learn from that. If that team can do it, we can do it, too. It's something we're certainly going to be focusing on this week for sure. I take my hat off to the quarterback (Shane Morris). Man, he played really good. He made some throws that even when I looked at them on tape, Man, that is a terrific throw. If you love football, you love seeing things like that. You don't want to see it going against you.

He made some great plays, really did. He made some throws that I'm not even sure the receivers knew they were coming to them, and they just landed right in their gut. A couple times I saw a guy literally react because the ball was hitting him in the stomach. He played really well. I think he was player of the week in their conference. He certainly deserved it.

The thing that as I go back to looking at it is, the game shouldn't have been like that. It should have been a very competitive game there at the end. I think the story is the second quarter. As I look back at it, really take it in, there's 24 points scored in the second quarter by them. With 3:08 left on the clock, it's 10-6. We come out in the third quarter. You certainly don't know the future, we come out in the third quarter, score 14 straight points. That would have been a lot better position to be in. We gave up 14 points in a matter of 3 minutes and 7 seconds. It wasn't all the defensive side that caused it. We turned the football over there in the middle of the field in our end. Just situational awareness that you cannot have happen. We've got to go better in those situations, understanding the clock, understanding the things that really you got to do with certain situations.

We'll be better as we go forward, but that doesn't help us in that week for sure. But the second quarter really told a tale. A lot of mistakes were made. We had guys that were running open, big plays, uncharacteristic defensively. I mean, we had a lot of big plays. We had nine plus plays that were 20 yards or more in the passing game. That's uncharacteristic.

You know how I feel about Clint Bowen. I know we will get that fixed. I know he feels terrible. I know our defense shoulders a lot of that. It wasn't all on them. It was a collective effort, I can assure you.

Offensively we didn't play as good as we possibly could have. There were some things we did well, but we've got to be a lot more consistent, we do.

There was a lot of things happened in the kicking game that I thought were actually good things to build on, that I think we can continue to move forward. Good to see that improvement from week one to week two.

Ironically, the game that we had and the game that our next opponent had was very similar. If you haven't had a chance to watch it, it was 10-7 in the second quarter, and then Purdue went on a 20-point run in the second quarter. Very, very similar. Very uncharacteristic stuff from their team, I'm sure. Just based on what I've seen from tapes from them for two years, turn the football over a couple times, a few big plays that you just don't see happen very often by them.

Ironically I have a feeling both teams are going to be working on some of the very same stuff this week. One of us is going to get them corrected, one is going to get them corrected better than the other. Whoever is going to do that is going to be the benefactor of it.

It was very unique to look at that game and see how it played out because that game probably should have been a lot closer than what it was, if you just take away some of the things.

The thing about football is you don't take it away. The other team creates those things. The thing that I do know about those situations is those big plays, those things are certainly unacceptable, but they are definitely correctable as we look at it. It's not a personnel deal. It's down to us doing a better job, starting with me coaching, then starting with our coaches there doing a really good job of teaching and technically making sure we are trusting our technique. Then to our players doing a really nice job of trusting that technique and getting it done the way that it's supposed to be done because you can trust it will work. You got to trust it.

When you free-lance, the ball finds you. So we got to eliminate that free-lancing from our repertoire, so to speak. I know our guys are embarrassed. They're also very prideful. They're a group that is resilient and they're ready to get back on that field. There's no panic here. We see what happened on the video. I think we're going to be able to move forward. We're looking forward to going on the road for our first road trip and coming up with a victory up there in Athens. Should be a great environment.

Let's take some questions.

Q. Last year you had Fish Smithson and Tevin Shaw playing back there and nothing in you put in front of them surprised them anymore. Anything but years of experience going to replace that? How do you replace it?

DAVID BEATY: It's a very good observation. Those two guys had played so much together. Tevin--even his junior year, there was a huge difference between that and his senior year, just a huge difference. He just didn't get his-self in as much trouble in his senior year as he did just with alignment and movements and disguises. I think that comes with the territory, comes with experience, right?

I know with each and every snap that our guys take, they'll continue to get better. I like our guys, I really like Bryce (Torneden). I think he's going to be a really, really good football player. He made some mistakes the other day. But he's going to work hard to fix them. And he cares. Which is something you can build on. Derrick Neal, same way, Mike Lee, same way. Those guys care. But we've got to be better accurate executers is what we've got to be.

We're still a good football team. That's the thing I'm excited about. We're still a good football team. Nothing's changed. We're not panicking. We learned a lot. It stinks, but sometimes you learn that way.

Q. With Jesse Williams' connection to Ohio, how can that be helpful for you guys?

DAVID BEATY: Well, one way it hurts us: he recruited way too well on that D-line. They got some dudes over there. He did a good job. They left him some guys and they lost some guys that were pretty good. You got to feel like, you know, his experience, his familiarity, probably can help you a little bit.

At the end of the day I've always said I think you can pretty much yell across the field and it's still going to come down to who executes better. Tell them exactly what you're running, exactly what you're in defensively, it really still is going to come down to those one-on-one battles, who does it the best.

I know from a perception standpoint it's going to sound like or seem like that should give you a huge advantage. But Coach Solich is one of the finest coaches in the country. There will not be an advantage on Saturday when it comes to terminology or anything like that. I don't believe for a second that they're not going to change something. I don't believe that. Coach, I don't believe it. I know. He's a great football coach.

But they're going to do what they do. We're going to do what we do. Whoever does it better is going to be the benefactor.

Q. (Ryan) Schadler looks like a guy who has more experience than he actually does at wide receiver?

DAVID BEATY: At times he does. There's still some things that as you go through the tape, you're like, Okay, he hasn't played that position yet. Just understanding how to stay outside of an overhang, how to keep his shoulders square at the top of a route, really make sure that you give a two-way move to a safety, things like that, instead of your shoulders being turned one way or the other.

He's getting better every week. He improved greatly this week from last week. One of the things we learned about Schad is he's a sprinter. He is a sprinter. Like most good sprinters, they do well in sprints. They don't do well in distance races. He's pretty similar to that. Plus he has that condition.

So when he's fresh, he's pretty good. When he's not, we have to get him out, get the next guy in, get him a little bit of a blow. That's when his mistakes tend to come, when he's a little tired, like most guys.