Oklahoma State Bowl Ring Ignores Official Record

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The Oklahoma State football team just received their Alamo Bowl championship rings, and something is not quite right.

The Cowboys, victim to one of the most unfortunate officiating gaffes of the 2016 football season, decided to set the record straight. Coach Mike Gundy decided not to accept their official 10-3 record, and instead opted to memorialize on their 2016 Alamo Bowl championship rings a record of 11-2.

It appears the Pokes are willing to accept their losses to Baylor and in-state rival Oklahoma, but want everyone to forget that Oklahoma State lost 30-27 in Week 2 to the Central Michigan Chippewas after Cowboys quarterback Mason Rudolph was called for intentional grounding on fourth down as time expired, and the Chippewas scored on a Hail Mary with an incorrectly awarded untimed down as a result. The officials and replay crew involved in this game were suspended by their respective conferences due to this error.


When asked about the ring, an Oklahoma State spokesperson confirmed that when speaking to his players, Coach Gundy always counted the Central Michigan game as a win. Official records? Gundy don't care!