Texas Longhorns DC is Right About Johnny Manziel and NFL Draft

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Vance_Bedford.jpgSome things never go away and rivalries in Texas rarely ever disappear completely. Maybe that's why everyone is making such a big deal about what the Texas Longhorns defensive coordinator had to say about Johnny Manziel this past week. Vance Bedford, the Longhorns new DC that came to Austin along with new head coach Charlie Strong from Louisville, hasn't exactly made any predictions on where Johnny Football will land in the NFL, but he did post some words on twitter that upset a good deal of Aggie land this past weekend.

There is little doubt that Bedford knows about college football. He's faced some tough offenses in college, but never actually had to coach a defense against the Texas A&M Aggies or Manziel. But he's not alone in his assessment. Most people that have seen the former Aggie play agree that he will have trouble adapting in the NFL since you can't just run around hoping a hole opens up after 45 seconds of scrambling in circles.

Texas A&M fans went into a tizzy on Sunday, just as you would expect when a Longhorn takes a shot at an Aggie. They were quick to point out that many quarterbacks who were not good in college were great in the National Football League and some great college QBs were professional busts. Thankfully the Texas defensive coordinator was nice enough not to point at that by that logic, Manziel would be doomed in the NFL since the UT DC was saying Manziel was good in college.

Bedford has a point. You can't line up in the shotgun on every play just because you're all of 4-foot-5, or however short Manziel is. You have to be able to run a pro-style offense under center in the Pros. It's almost like that type of offense was named that for a reason.

No one is debating how much fun it was to watch JFF run around like a chicken with his head cut off, drop the ball, pick it back up and stumble in for touchdowns during his time at College Station. But the NFL is a different ball game and at least we know the new defensive coordinator at Texas can identify a gimmick quarterback when he sees one. Now the question is should Texas Tech and Baylor be worried that Bedford can identify them?