AAC Daily: UCF's Former Kicker Releases NCAA Diss Track

The college football season is another day closer, so you would think the hot topic in the AAC Daily would be about the big out of conference games coming up like Tulsa at Oklahoma State, Houston at Arizona, Cincinnati at Michigan or the Tigers welcoming UCLA to Memphis, but instead we are talking about a kicker turned wannabe rapper dissing the NCAA on a new song.

You can't make this stuff up. Most college fans know by now that Donald De La Haye was asked by the NCAA to stop monetizing his sports-related videos on Youtube, but that he could still monetize other videos (while getting free housing, free food, a money stipend and a free education). That wasn't enough for the kickoff specialist (he just does kickoffs, field goals are too hard). We discuss that and more on today's Daily.

Let us know what you think about the NCAA ruling, the show and whatever else is on your mind in the comment section.

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